Remembering the Good Things

Each week, I aim to post a message for families based on the positives that have happened over that period.  Of course there will be times when we have to provide other messages that are necessary and which, unfortunately, can add to the concerns.

However, this will be an opportunity to lighten the mood and to remind us of the good that comes from our community.

Mr M. Malik

Today is Mother’s Day and it may be the strangest one that most people have experienced.  Many parents will not be seeing their own mothers today and will instead contact them by telephone or via the likes of Face Time.  This may lead to a tinge of sadness but it is necessary to try and ensure there are many more Mothering Sundays with our mothers to come, which we must all understand.

However, for the vast majority of children at Harlow Green, they will be spending time with their loved ones today and with the people in their lives who care for them the most.  At school, we dedicate ourselves to looking after your little treasures in so many ways but we can never take the place of a parent.

Today, as mothers and parents, take time to look at the most precious people in your lives and contemplate all that you do.  Hopefully, the children will have told you how much they love you but children are not always mature enough to understand how to articulate their feelings.  However, we know how much they love their families and the people who act as mothers in their lives.  We know how much they appreciate the protection you provide every day and will continue to do so over this uncertain period whilst supporting them to be strong through it all.

Spend time today playing and laughing but also thinking about how this should be every day because it is love and kindness that matters, as our mothers have shown us throughout our lives.

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