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The attached letter is written by Caroline O’Neill – the council’s Strategic Director for Children, Adults and Families.  The letter makes very clear that the expectation in these challenging times is to keep children at home, wherever possible; this includes the children of Key Workers.  We do not want to have more children in schools than is necessary in order to support the government’s plans for social distancing in order to reduce the chances of spreading the virus further.

All schools, along with the council, would ask Key Worker parents who have another parent working from home, to consider this advice carefully.  Using schools as a facility for child care has been designed to help those who have no alternative rather than be an open to all just because they qualify.

For those who have no alternative, Harlow Green Community Primary School is here to support you so that the key services the country needs can continue and so you can provide the essential aspects to our society, particularly those who are on the front-line of the fight against coronavirus.

Letter to Parents and Carers – Gateshead Schools 20.3.20

Thank You

This has been an extremely challenging time for the country and for our local communities.  We will have a period which will become even more difficult before it gets easier.  At Harlow Green, one of our four curriculum drivers is Communities and we attempt to teach children the skills necessary to be a positive part of their community and the wider world.  Over the coming weeks, during this historical event, I believe that the children will witness how well our families work together with school in an understanding of co-operation and spirit which will ensure that we come out of all of this stronger than when we started.

Take care,

Mr Malik

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