Sports Relief Assembly

This week, Harlow Green will be participating in Sports Relief 2020.

Today’s assembly explained to children how important each pound raised is in supporting people within the UK and across the world.  A PDF of the assembly can be seen below, along as well as a video link to ‘Cameron’s story’ where a young boy explains how funding helped him and his dad when life was extremely difficult.

Sports Relief Assembly

The children listened extremely carefully throughout the video and it was clear that they understood how they can make a big difference to people’s lives whilst getting involved in some fun, healthy activity.

On Friday 13th March:

  • Children and staff will come into school in their sports kit and donate £1
  • Take part in a fitness activity as a whole class to see how we can keep fit and have fun!

However, during the week, there will also be a special skipping event which all children will be involved in on either Wednesday or Thursday.

We are all looking forward to the events and seeing how we can help our community.  Watch the video below and enjoy this year’s official Sports Relief song.


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