English- Inferring thoughts and feelings

This week, Year 4 have watched a short film as inspiration for their work in English. The children have loved watching ‘The  Dragon-Slayer’ which portrays the story of an encounter between a brave warrior- Tarragon- and a dragon. The film has a few surprises in it and everyone was pleased to see that it had a happy ending. On Tuesday, the children inferred  the thoughts and feelings of the main character as no words are spoken in the film. The classes looked for clues to Tarragon’s thoughts and feelings from his body language and facial expressions. Next, the children had the opportunity to portray these thoughts and feelings in a ‘Freeze Frame’ drama activity. It was lovely to see that we have some budding actors and actresses who loved using their dramatic skills in this lesson.

Article 29- We all have the right to develop our talents and abilities.

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