National Poetry Day -Assembly

In our assembly today, Mr Malik explained that this Thursday was National Poetry Day.  It was explained how poems come in many different forms and how they can express how we feel and what we think about at different times.

Mr Malik shared a poem called ‘If I were King’, by A.A. Milne (the author of Winnie the Pooh) in which the poet comments on what he would do if he were ruled various countries.  Mr Malik explained how this simple poem made him think about what he would do if he were ‘King’ and this inspired his own version of the poem.  Both poems can be seen in the video below (you may have to press pause to read them!).


The children realised that most of Mr Malik’s poem was about helping others and it was talked about that being in charge meant that there is a responsibility to help rather than being selfish in our decisions.

The children left contemplating how they may help others this week when they are in charge of different things, both at home and in school which would mean that they were following our rule of ‘Respectful’.

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