Autumn Weather

As Autumn unfolds so our weather has changed this week. Therefore during our Forest School sessions in Year 2 we took the opportunity to practice getting into and out of our waterproofs, no mean feat in a class of 30. The children were so enthusiastic, they followed instructions really well. You can really see their blossoming maturity in moving from task to task. All this enables them to be prepared for their sessions quickly so we can spend as much time as possible enjoying our Forest School.

Whilst we got ready we talked about how our behaviour and use of our outdoor environment may change with the seasons. What kind of clothing we might chose, how we might change the way we move about, that assessing for risk is really important as our natural world potentially becomes soggy and wet, cold, icy and windy.

We are now looking forward to the muddy days to come.

Article 6 – We all have the right to live and succeed at whatever we do.



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