Reception – Juice and Biscuits

To recognise those who have been working exceptionally hard all week, children in Reception now have the chance to be rewarded with juice and biscuits with Mr Malik.

To achieve this, children will demonstrate hard work, polite manners, good behaviour and a positive attitude to everything they do.

This session allows Mr Malik to speak with the children and to let them know how proud he and the teachers are of them and to make sure they understand how proud they should be of themselves.

Comments (2)

I liked the juice and biscuits and I liked when Mr Malik was pouring the juice and it looked like custard. Thank you for my juice and biscuit!

I'm glad you liked it so much. Your teachers and I are very proud of what you do everyday and this was just a little reward to say well done. It also gave me a chance to have a chat with some superstars! Mr Malik

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