Hall Hill Farm

Despite the wet weather, this did not stop us from having a brilliant time at the farm. The children loved  feeding the baby lambs, holding the baby chicks, feeding the goats, meeting the donkey, holding the rabbits and guinea pigs and meeting the piglets. A particular favourite was the very bumpy tractor ride to see the animals in the fields.  Everyone enjoyed their lunch in the barn and we even had time for a little play on the soft play.  We were all able to dry off on the bus journey home. Some of us even fell asleep!

Article  31:  We all have the right to relax and play.

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Thank you for the invite! Loved seeing the boys with their classmates, and Patrick was very interested in all the facts about the peacocks!

Francesca had a fantastic time at the farm. The weather had no impact! She was just so excited to tell me all about her day. Thanks to all who chaperoned and to the teachers for a great day.

Thank you to all the teachers and parents and grandparents that helped. Penny had a fantastic trip and never mentioned the weather!

Stirling was so excited telling me all about the farm he had so much fun ????

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