Winning Eggs

The School Council thoroughly enjoyed judging the Easter Egg Competition They were very impressed with the creative and original entries. Choosing the winners and runners up was a difficult task.

The winners are…

Nursery AM      1st- Maya W    Runner up- Jack L

Nursery PM      1st- Betsy L    Runner up- Lexi Mae F

Reception- Miss Coatsworth    1st- Robert L    Runner up- Francesca H

Reception- Miss Hawley    1st- Chloe S    Runner up- Blake P

Year 1 – Mrs Hopkins    1st- Bella M    Runner up- Ethan M

Year 1 – Miss Norman    1st- Tristan R    Runner up- Freya B

Year 2 – Miss Ledger    1st- Ava L   Runner up- Amelia S

Year 2 – Mrs Carr    1st- George D   Runner up- Florrie C

Year 3 – Mrs Morris    1st- Finlay S   Runner up- Ryan C

Year 3 – Miss Tubbrutt    1st- Will J   Runner up- Alexander C

Year 4 – Miss Bull     1st- Evie H   Runner up- Ella G

Year 4 – Miss Blinkhorn/Mrs Old    1st- Sophe B   Runner up- Michaela

Year 5 – Miss Middleton/Mrs Chapman    1st- Lilly F  Runner up- Ava Mae

Year 5 – Miss Alexander    1st- Olivia   Runner up- Harrison I

Year 6 – Miss Fry    1st- Kaden H   Runner up- Gracie S

Year 6 – Miss Allen   1st- Darren C    Runner up- Bobby G

Year 6 – Mrs Jennings    1st- Eloise R    Runner up- Ava H


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