Year 4


In Computing this half term, Year 4 have been learning all about what the internet is; we’ve been looking at servers, networks, routers and websites and then looking at how people create and compose website information and share things online.  For the last couple of lessons, we used Chrome Music L


In History, we are studying the Vikings and this week we have looked at how they influenced where we live and how we live today.  We started with the chronology of when the Viking raids took place.  Then we have been looking at houses, lifestyle, work and place names locally – identifying those th


This week’s ‘Book Corner’ sees two new books that come highly recommended by BookTrust. Story Soup (aged 3-6) is a wonderful and interesting story about two arguing siblings (I’m sure many of you recognise this) and how this leads to the creation of a creative story with many twists and turns. Looki


Reading Plus and Accelerated Reader are the two programmes used in KS2 to give children the access to a wide range of books and also to allow them to increase their reading fluency. The books that they bring home are extremely important as they will be quizzed upon these in school once they have com


This half term, 4B are enjoying Forest School and 4A are learning about Music and French.  After half term we will swap. In Music, 4A are enjoying looking at different Abba songs, looking at the rhythm, beats and variations between them and this week started to practice on their tuned musical instr


Reading is an essential part of Harlow Green’s curriculum and fostering a life-long love of reading within the children is of fundamental importance. Sometimes, we can get bogged down as readers into reading books by the same author and we forget to look at new books that are available. In ‘Reading


Over the last two weeks, in Year 4 we have been learning about sound and how we hear.  We started by looking at musical instruments and how we could feel them vibrate as we played, banged and hit them.  We looked at how soundwaves travel and how they look different depending on the volume and pit

Reading is of such fundamental importance to the progress of all children in school. In KS2, the children use two reading programs – Reading Plus and Accelerated Reader. the children work independently to read and take quizzes on books and extracts. Every fortnight, we look to see which classes have