Year 1


Our KS1 boys and girls have had a fantastic Sports Day. The boys and girls have been getting involved in lots of fun activities throughout the morning. Some of these activities included a hurdle race, sack race, javelin throw and there was even some skipping too! Thankfully the children could enjoy


Year 1 spent a lovely afternoon finding out about the common creatures that are under Gnome protection in our gardens. Many mini-beasts were temporarily removed from their homes onto a large white sheet ready for sorting. After examining each beast the children decided that there would be separate g


Year 1 continue to learn about the world of Gnomes and the living things they protect. So whilst Year 6 have been carrying out detailed comparison studies across our site, our younger children have also been learning to use their observational skills in our Forest School. Once upon a time our school


This week we have started to read The Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis.  We pretended to be the main characters in the story and acted out the journey to The Bluebell Woods.  We said we were going to Annie’s house so we had to be extremely sneaky.  


This week we see Year 1 starting to apply their stick safety training and knowledge of our site, during a nest building challenge. In class we did a quick recap of this terms sessions, helping the children to recall and understand how we use our Forest School site. Then a very lively discussion took