On a weekly basis, four children from Reception will be selected for their fantastic work as well as their kind and helpful behaviour.  To show the children how proud we are of them, these children get to have juice and biscuits with Mr Malik.  You can see who these children are in the gallery bel


Today we had our Nursery and Reception Sports Day! The boys and girls took part in lots of fun activities including an egg and spoon race, sack race and a sprint! There were lots of different winners and runners up and almost everyone ended up with a sticker. A massive well done to those boys and gi


The boys and girls have had lots of fun in Reception this week! We enjoyed having our lovely picnic on the field with the rest of the school followed by a penalty shoot out. The boys and girls showed great encouragement towards each other by chanting and cheering when it was their friends turn to 


The boys and girls have been working with numicon in maths. They have been fishing for numicon pieces in the water tray, drawing around numicon to make numicon buses and investigating how many passengers can get on the bus. We also played a little game where the children had to fill a board with num


Reception enjoyed playing football during our World Cup Day, they used their skills to control the ball and could pass it to each other. They all wanted to score a winning goal and the goalkeepers were kept very busy! The children are excited to continue to follow the world cup and find out who wins


Well done to the boys and girls for looking after their beanstalks at home! We enjoyed measuring them during maths and finding out which one was the tallest. There were some very impressive beanstalks!


The children in Reception have been making a Wormery. They followed instructions on how to make one and needed soil, sand, dead leaves and of course worms! The children are looking forward to looking after their new visitors!