Coronavirus Information

Due to the nature of the current situation, we have created a dedicated page which will hold all the updated general information posts we share regarding coronavirus (COVID-19).

Although there will be some overarching information about home learning, the actual learning support for each year group will be posted on their year group pages.  Parents/carers and children should access those pages to keep updated and these will be managed by teachers.

Please remember that you can make contact with school via the normal ways although, with a skeleton staff, it may not be as efficient as normal.  However, we will try to keep this as strong as possible.

To provide further support to families we have provided new year group email addresses which will allow direct contact to staff.  Presently, we are aiming for teachers to access this once a week to see how this works.

If you have any queries, please ensure you do make contact and we will endeavor to reply as soon as possible.

Latest Information