Catch-up Premium


The DfE have identified the need to help schools to provide additional support for children to make further progress in the curriculum after a significant amount of time from school during the pandemic and the first lockdown.

The school has been allocated a set amount based on £80 per pupil, which provides a budget than can be used to have the most significant impact possible.


As it is essential that children have full access to the curriculum, it has been decided by the leadership at Harlow Green Primary that further work in English and maths should be done outside of this so that children do not lose the access to what will provide them with all important cultural capital.

As the budget is limited, we have identified where the greatest need is for a one-year project, which we believe would be in upper Key Stage 2 who will soon be moving to secondary school.

Due to the commitment required, children will only be identified for one subject as it is important that they are not overwhelmed.

Assessment and Identification

To identify the most appropriate children the following have been taken into account:

  • Assessments from last academic year (teacher assessment using Local Authority assessment grids and tests)
  • Initial reading assessments from Autumn 2020-2021
  • Teacher assessments from current teachers in discussion with previous teachers (where possible)


Before the start of term, work with a tutoring company, Kip Magrath, had begun with an aim of creating a significant tutoring programme for children in KS2.  As funding was finalised, this was eventually focused on Years 4, 5 and 6 with 52 children being able to be supported.  In order to achieve this, the original amount has been supplemented by funding from Pupil Premium.

Budget Area


Catch-up Premium Allocation


Pupil Premium Allocation




From November 9th, a 25-week programme for identified children has been scheduled.  Each child will be assigned either English or Maths and have a weekly 80-minute session either after school or before school (on site).

Monitoring and Evaluation

Over the programme period, the following will take place:

  • Observation of sessions
  • Discussion with Kip Magrath managers on a regular basis but particularly termly
  • Analysis of Kip Magrath data
  • Analysis of school data – standardised tests
  • Teacher Assessment using Local Authority assessment grids


Our aim is that a regular, additional, quality input invested in these children for a significant amount of time will support their confidence, basic skills and ensure that they are able to reduce gaps in their knowledge and understanding within a core subject.